The Beading Group meets on:

4th Sunday of the month 1.00 – 4.00pm

and on the afternoon of the monthly meetings,

2nd Saturday of the month 2:30-5pm.

All welcome and beading instruction will be given.

An enthusiastic group of beaders, within the Lapidary Club, meet each month to work on their own projects and provide one-on-one instructions to anyone who is interested.  Additional workshops, at minimal cost, are run during the year that focus on specific projects that require more intense instruction.  Workshop details are provided through the Club’s newsletter or by email to members.

Beading styles vary significantly within the group ranging from intricate stitch work to stringing and mixed media.  Belonging to a club that has a range of facilities allows beaders to expand their repertoire and incorporate silver, metal and polished stones into their finished pieces.


Cost: $5.00 per session


Just a couple examples of the differing styles from our group.