The Mineral group meets on the third Thursday (except June and December) of every month at 7:00pm at the clubroom. The meetings are to provide information for club members wanting to further their knowledge of minerals, geology and the nature of rocks. The group offers the opportunity to progress into the testing and identifying of materials collected, and the means of identifying the terrain in which certain items may be found.

Each meeting revolves around a "Brag Stone" that each member brings along beginning with the letter for the month. Bragging rights for the most interesting and topical rock are there for the taking!!! A talk on minerology is presented by a nominated member as well.

The Club has a large number of specimens which may be viewed for your interest, or may be used to compare with items you may wish to identify. You can learn how to classify, display and label a collection or a small group of specimens when you are a member of this group.

At times, professional people from the earth science professions come in to give a talk on various minerals, geology and gems.

Mineral Talk Programme 2019.

Month               Presenter         Brag Stone

February           Noel               I,J & K

March               Steve             L

April                 Rob                M

May                  Greg               N


More to come as the year rolls by